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How to Write a College Photo Easy Easily

College professors assign different types of essays based on the needs of the class. One of these is the photo essay which are essays that tell a story in pictures. They are also categorized and arranged differently. They cover a wide range of topics, explore one’s emotions, and also provoke readers’ thoughts.

What is Photo Essay and What Makes it Stand Out?

This is a form of photographic representation with series of images narrating a story. Great photo essays have several traits that make them stand out, including:

  • Being though-provoking
  • Powerful and silent
  • Emotion-evoking without words

These essays are easy to write because they need one to be creative and require a few tricks to hack them.

Tell Your Story Confidently

A great picture story is easy to identify with because everyone can see the basis of the narration. Before you start shooting, make sure you know the why of the whole process. The message in your picture story should be clear. One picture should lead to the other without someone having to think too hard to understand where you are getting at.

Use Diverse Images

The more the variety of pics used, the better the quality of the narration. Make sure you get a multitude of pictures to cover your base comfortably. Try to mix wide angles, close-ups, and shots with varied lightings. Make sure you have a pool of pics to compile from for a great photo series.

Do not Compromise on Photo Editing

Be a ruthless photo editor. Do not settle for a photo just because it is great, yet it does not serve its purpose. A good trick would be to edit the photos on a different day from the shoot. Doing it on the same day may affect your objectivity hence the need to allow some time to pass before doing any edits.

Choose the Best Pics

Start with a large pool of pics say 25 of the best from the ones you shot. Narrow this number down to 10 of the best that can be part of the photo essay narration. Stick to the photos that capture the original story and concept if you want to win the readers. Mixing this up can make the essay appear jumbled up and un-researched, thus lowering its overall quality.

Seek a Second Opinion

You can bring in a third party that you trust, say a good friend. Share your concept of the story and the top 100 pics you intend to use. Ask them to choose at least ten that best represent your concept. Compare their choices to yours, and align the best pics for your story before compiling the final piece.

Final Selection and Captions

Once you have consulted and compared, settle for your final pics. Make sure you are convinced that the pics you chose best represent your concept. Once done, add relevant captions to where relevant. You may not have to add any text if the pics can represent themselves.

A good photo essay is not complicated. Get the right pics, and you are good to go.