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What Makes Argumentative Essays Stand Out

An argumentative essay is more than expressing your strong opinion on a subject. You may have a great stance, but it will make no sense if it is not well presented. The content you write must have a clear structure backed up by evidence and solid reasoning. These types of essays are more about facts and figures, as opposed to emotions.

Steps to Follow when Writing Argumentative Essays

An argumentative essay takes a strong position and sticks to it. In such cases, writers attempt to have readers agree with them on their viewpoints. As a common type of essay written in school, students must get it right from the beginning. Here are a few tips to consider:

  • Have a strong intro
  • Short and concise thesis statements that work
  • Powerful conclusion that summarizes your points

Writing the Intro Well

This is the paragraph of the essay. It should capture the basics, which include having background information, argument, and thesis statements. A reader should have an idea of what you want to discuss by reading your first Paragraph.

Strong Thesis Statement

Although it is part of your essay’s first paragraph, it should be clear and powerful. This is the sentence that summarizes your argument. Anyone should be able to get your stand by reading this statement.

Writing Perfect Thesis Statements

A good thesis statement should be approached in a way that makes it stand out from the rest of the paragraph. You can do this by posing the topic or subject of the argument as a question. Alternatively, you can state an argument, and then refute it before backing up your stand. The last trick of writing a powerful statement is to introduce the main points and outline how you intend to back it up.

The Body

Most college argumentative essays will have three paragraphs making the body. This section gives a detailed description of what your thesis is about. It expounds on the topic sentence by offering backing evidence and exact positions. Make sure your essay’s body has the perfect and relatable answers in the form of examples from research, studies, citations, and statistics.

Tackle Opposing Points Smartly

As you explain the details in the body section of the article, make sure to discuss ongoing sides as well. Explain why you are not in agreement with the thoughts. Your arguments should be approached from a factual point of view, to appear credible and win the reader’s attention and trust. Emotional arguments that cannot be backed up professionally will not cut it in this type of essay.

Powerful Finish

Your conclusion should be a summary of the arguments you have made in the body paragraph. Do not introduce a new argument in this section. Rather, write the same arguments made previously in a way that the reader can feel connected. You can choose to conclude by writing a personal point.

A great argumentative essay has a clear thesis statement that can be backed up. You can easily become a great writer if you stick to the suggestions above.