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What is a Graduate Admissions Essay?

You can think of the admissions essay as a trial with the admission committee as the jury. You have to make the jury agree that you are the best candidate to gain admission into the institution. Remember, you are in a race with thousands of other applicants applying for the same spot. What makes you stand out from the rest of the applicants?


Your piece should showcase your experiences in life. It should come out clearly why you are the best-suited candidate to land the course. Furthermore, you have to bring out your personality clearly in the essay.

You can think of the admission essay as a way the panelists learn about who you are. It should paint a clear picture of what drives you. It should highlight what you hope to achieve upon graduation.

When reading your admissions essay, the committee should get a vivid picture of your personality. It should answer the following questions:

  • What changes do you aim to make after pursuing the course?
  • Why do you feel this is the right program for you?
  • How do you fit into this program with your personality and previous achievements?

Answering these questions in your essay gives the committee a clear hint of the applicant. It makes a certain level of comfort when you are chosen to pursue the applied course. It boosts the confidence of the committee that you are the best-suited candidate. 

What Does Not Make a Graduate Admission Essay?

Most applicants confuse the admission essay for a job application. Remember, you have to submit your CV and other attached details that carry your personal information. The admission essay is about displaying your personality and interest in program.

A common mistake students make is drifting away from the requirements with the essay. Do not start writing things you feel the panelist will be impressed by. It is advisable to remain authentic when telling your story. Remove the cases of achievement, and let the panelists know about what makes you happy.

Even though you are talking about yourself, it is essential to keep the admission essay professional. Learn to present yourself in a friendly manner while being open but not too casual with the admission committee.

How to Start and End an Admission Essay?

The start of your essay should entice the reader to read on. Given they have gone through hundreds of applications with the same opening, it is wise to think differently. Please explain why you feel you are the suited candidate for the particular program and how it aligns with your interests. State your intentions after graduation in the applied program.

When it comes to an end, remember to remind your reader how much you are eager to start the program. It is not always about your academic stats. Reveal your actual personality to give the reader an easy time figuring out if you are suited. Ensure you keep the mind of the word count and other special requirements that come with the admission essay. Finish off by editing any spelling errors, grammatical mistakes, and punctuation errors.